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"Fellow Tata"

Dienstag 12. Mai 2020

Dr. Schales kümmert sich auch in Corona Zeiten weiterhin um Einzelschicksale und besucht sie in ihren Homesteads im Busch.

Die meisten leiden vor allem unter Hunger aufgrund magerer Ernten und fehlender Versorgungsmöglichkeiten während des Lockdowns.
Mthulisi begleitet ihn auf diesen Fahrten und berichtet vom Besuch bei einem krebskranken Jungen und seiner Familie:

[05/06, 16:16] Ncube Mthulisi: Good Afternoon
Today had a priviledge to accompany our fellow Tata (Dr. Schales) to the nearby village (Mafinyela Village extension) on his follow up visit to a cancer patient.
The history about the patient is that the boy was diagnosed of cancer at the age of 3 years...
The boy is now 18 years old and his conditions has deteriorated seriously.
Below I have attached the pictures showing homemade physio therapy for the boy to undergo exercise every day.
The family of 13 are surviving through aid from well wishers as the grandmother who is bread winner has no cattle to sell.
The story is very long to narrate but in a nutshell this was the order of the day around St Lukes, and for the interest sake we visited four more homestead around and everyone we met there was complaining of hunger during this Covid period.
Am narrating this on behalf of Doc since currently we don't have power, the fully story should be coming soon. Thank you, have a blessed day.